Andrés Carrasco, disruptive science

Direction: Valeria Tucci
Production: Valeria Tucci, LUMEN CINE.
Format: Documentary. 4K. 73 minutes.


Andrés Carrasco, a world ­renowned Argentine scientist, gave up academic comfort by disclosing the harmful effects of pesticides on health. He challenged the scientific system subsidized by the State with the connivance of agrochemical companies in a country based on the agribusiness model. Hounded and defamed by the press, Dr. Carrasco is respected and valued by a people that dies fumigated with glyphosate.

director's bio

Valeria Tucci

Valeria Tucci is an audiovisual director. In 2019, his debut film ’Andres Carrasco, disruptive science’ participated in different European and national festivals. Actually she is currently working on the development of his second film and on the production of ’Martin García’ ’, fictional feature film debut of Aníbal Garisto.