Noise are the Houses

Direction: Luciana Foglio, Lujan Montes
Production: Luciana Foglio, Lujan Montes, LUMEN CINE.
Format: Experimental Documentary. 4k. 63 minutes.


Home and music, walls and rythms, rooms and chants, ecos and facades. In the deeps of the city, different artists transform urban noise in expressive landscapes. The film proposes the discovery of multiple forms of sound creation in a nocturnal and unsettling Buenos Aires.

director's bio

Luciana Foglio y Luján Montes

Luciana Foglio (1987) and Luján Montes (1980) are film directors born in Buenos Aires. His films combine the documentary genre with poetic and experimental elements. His works have participated in various festivals and national and international exhibitions.
They co-directed the collective film “Teoría de cuerdas” (2011) along with 10 other filmmakers. They also made the short film “Clinical History” (2013) and the film “The noise is the houses” (2018), which had its premiere at BAFICI and FID MARSEILLE, where they received a special mention in the competition for First Operas. They are currently producing their new feature film about the performance group Movimiento Música Más.