Direction: Alan Stivelman
Production: Alan Stivelman
Associate Production: LUMEN CINE
Format: Documentary. HD. 63 minutes.


A young men travels through Los Andes Valley traying to understand the origins of humanity and the reason of our existance.

director's bio

Alan Stivelman

ALAN STIVELMAN, BUENOS AIRES, 1986, is an Argentine filmmaker, developing both in fiction as in the documentary. “Humano – Sudamérica Renace” is his first documentary film that has reaped various achievements worldwide. Having to this day, more than two millions of viewers worldwide. It has recently been released in the massive
streaming platform Netflix. Also, it had its premiere at a dozen festivals international, such as: Warsaw, Brasilia, Mar del Plata, Gramado, Lima, Avanca, Helsinki, among others.