The Heat

Direction: Martin Liji
Production: Nana Cine, LUMEN CINE.
Format: Fiction. 4K. 75 minutes.


Lola, a young playwright and theater director, goes into crisis before the premiere of her new play. Her leading actress again and again poses problems with the text. Her friend, an artist too, settles in her house after discovering an infidelity and her ex-boyfriend claims copyrights. Lola doubts about her own work, she is torn between moving forward in chaos or leaving everything behind. She needs to find the true meaning of what is doing to justify herself.

director's bio

Martin Liji

Martin Liji was born in 1984 in Buenos Aires. He co-fund Nana Cine, his cinematographic production, in 2010. Produced the shortfilm Las Segundas (2012), wrote, directed and produced Bohemia short film (2015). He is one of the directors and producers of The Neighbour.