The Eyes of America

Direction: Daiana Rosenfeld, Anibal Garisto
Production: Daiana Rosenfeld, LUMEN CINE
Format: Documentary. HD. 63 minutes.


América Scarfó starred in one of the most exciting love stories in Argentina when at fourteen she met Severino Di Giovanni (27), one of the most important figures of argentinian anarchism. The relationship was shaped in clandestine encounters, escaped visits and love letters until it was interrupted with the capture and execution of Di Giovanni, at the hands of the first military dictatorship, in 1931. The documentary rescues the life of a revolutionary woman who decided remain anonymous until your death.

director's bio

Daiana Rosenfeld y Aníbal Garisto

We are Daiana Rosenfeld and Aníbal Garisto, directors and film producers from Buenos Aires, Argentina. We directed the feature films EL Polonio (2011), which participated in more than 10 international film festivals and had its premiere in Argentina, Uruguay, the Netherlands, England and India. The eyes of America (2015), winner of the DOCTV IV Latin America contest, its premiere was on 16 Latin American and Caribbean television stations and had its commercial premiere in cinema. Winner of the Martín Fierro 2016 for the best documentary. In 2016, Aníbal Garisto released Kombit, filmed entirely in Haiti. In 2017, Salvadora, by Daiana Rosenfeld, was released. Las Libertarias, winning project of the INCAA series Contest was our first foray into TV series during 2018.