The Senses

Direction: Marcelo Burd
Production: Cepa Cine, Marcelo Burd, LUMEN CINE.
Format: Documentary. 4K. 72 minutes.


Olacapato, the highest town in Argentina, is located in a semi-desert area of Salta. A locality where the possibilities of growth are conditioned by the rigorous environment. However, despite the uncertain future of the community, a couple of teachers carry out a unique educational project in which Newton’s laws, the novels of Jules Verne and the manufacture of jet-powered rockets are present.

director's bio

Marcelo Burd

Marcelo Burd was born in Buenos Aires, 1964. He graduated as an arquitect in the University of Buenos Aires but he always worked as an independent filmmaker. Among his films, The Senses has been premiered and awarded internationally. Marcelo also wrote and directed Habitacion Disponible and El Tiempo Encontrado.