Direction: Edgardo Cozarinsky
Production: Constanza Sanz Palacios, LUMEN CINE.
Format: Documentary. 4K. 70 minutes.


A 93-year-old pianist has a special relationship to Brahms, the composer whose music she has played since her first concert. At the same time, she is taking part in performances of mixed theatre and avant-garde music, an experience that allows her a new approach to classical music. Her memories of childhood, whether attending neighbourhood cinemas or reading the 1001 Nights, nourish her creative work. A film about the relationship of music and the will to live a fuller life.

director's bio


EDGARDO COZARINSKY (Bs. As, 1939) is witter and director. He lived during three decades in Paris before choosing return and work in his native city. Between some of Eduardo’s films there is La Guerre d’un seul homme, Citizen Langlois, Fantômes de Tanger, Le Violon de Rothschild, Nocturnal, Letters to a father. His novels, storytellings and essays had been translate to many idioms and also worth him in 2018 García Marquez Prize for his literary achievements.